Manufacturing & Development

Honeywell Products

Midas Gas Detector, Midas Pyrolyzer Module,
Sensor Cartridge, ACM 150

Elevator Products

HPI(Hall Position Indicator), CPI(Car Position Indicator), ILD(Indication of Lift Destinations), OPB(Operating Panel Button), e-call System, Call Buttons

IT Components

Touch Screen, Controller, AD Board

Honeywell Products

Honeywell’s gas dectection device, the Midas Pyrolyzer Ⅲ which detects more than 35 different type of hazardous gases. It’s mostly used for gas detection in semiconductor processing and industrial manufacturing. Other Honeywell products include sensor cartridges, MVE and ACM 150.


·  Midas® Gas Dectector

·  Midas Pyrolyzer Module

·  Sensor Cartridge

·  ACM 150

Elevator Products

A variety of elevator products are available to display real-time information such as stock prices, news, weather, facility announcements, lift floor information, and more.

· Position & Direction Display

· Additional information Display

· HPI (Hall Position Indicator) | CPI (Car Position Indicator)

· HIP (Hall Indicator Push Button) | HPB (Hall Push Button)

· CRT Supervisory System

· e-call System

· Call Button

· ILD (Indication of LIFT Destinations)

· OPB (Operating Panel Button)

IT Components

We provide affordable and durable LCDs, touch screens, AD boards and Embedded boards. As an official partner, we supply products to global companies like Bio-Rad, Arrow and WPG Americas


· AUO, Innolux, Tianma, Hannstar, Sharp, NLT and diverse brand of LCD

· Special LCD (Bar Type LCD, High Brightness LCD, Etc..)

· Touch Screen

· Embedded Board

· Official partner of BIO-RAD, Arrow, WPG Americas