Information Communication Technology

AV | Enterance and Exit Control System

DSC(Destination Select Control) System,
Interlocking Entrance and Exit Control System, AV System

Parking | Conference Information System

Parking Information KIOSK, Conference Reservation System

Integrated SI System | Johnson Controls Fire Detection Solutions

Structured Wiring (LEVITON), Power/Lighting Control, CCTV, Electronics Control, Network Construction, Johnson Controls Fire Detection Solution


AV/Entrance and Exit Control System

Entrance and Exit Control System Equipment such as Media Wall, KIOSK, U-Pole, and access control system linked with integrated SI system provide the security of the facility and improve the traffic volume when installed in the main lobby with multiple elevators.


· DSC(Destination Select Control) System

· Access Control Interlocking System

· Intelligent Observation System

· CEM Solution(Johnson Controls)

AV System

AV system that encompasses video and audio can be used to effectively enhance customer’s image.


·  AV System maximizes performance


Conference Information System

The parking / conference reservation system Combined with various media boards such as DID and KIOSK to intuitively acquire information.

Location of automobiles can be searched and charge fees by license plates. The conference reservation system conveniently manages meeting room availability and meeting schedule by customized programs.


· Parking Information KIOSK

· Parking Fee Settlement/Payment

· Conference room reservation KIOSK/DID

· Employee Data integration


Integrated SI System

Integrated SI System is essential to both commercial & residential environment to control and monitor various situations with flexibility.


· Information communication solution (Integrated wiring / LAN/wired & wireless communication)

· Control Solution (Power/Facility/Lighting Control)

· Security Solution (CCTV/Access Control/Parking Control)

· Home Management Solution (Home Appliance Control / Wall Pad)

· Facility Solution

· LEVITON special cable integrated wiring and network construction

Johnson Controls Fire Detection Solutions

Johnson Controls fire detection solution monitors and controls all networked receivers. It is used in many commercial buildings throughout the world and known for its strong network and product reliability.


· Display of status for fire, failure and circuit breakdown by each networked receiver

· Display of control and operation status between receivers

· Able to connect up to 7 groups, 99 receivers per group

· KFI, UL, FM Certification