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Interactive Media Wall, Smart Table, Gesture Sensing

Heimdall | e-Disaster System

Emergency Safety Management, Intelligent Building System, Broadcast Control Safety Management Integrated Building Management Solution


We provide the best integrated hardware & contents operating systems

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The AR and VR offers innovative technology providing information quickly through utilizing showroom space.


· Interactive Show Room

· Interactive AR/VR Platform

· Interactive Media Wall

Heimdall | e-Disaster System

An integrated safety and security management system that analyzes the information gathered through big data and displays it to prevent risks such as natural disasters, fire, and unauthorized access.

Comprehensive & Effective Design

Smart Wall can operate various IT devices with minimum number of people based on IOT smart controller

Compact Monitoring & Communication

Collecting the data and check each connecting device (CCTV, parking control, access control, Etc.)
Customized user interface (UI) and monitoring system for efficient communication

Systematic Responses

Minimizing human resources and costs in case of an accident and offering systematic countermeasures to increase the efficiency and productivity

We suggest to experience the ‘Heimdall’ which is created by Cheonjo’s  customized integrated safety information platform and Johnson control’s security information management platform PSIM. (Physical Security Information Management)